Maximize Your Run And Protect Your Joints With Enko Running Shoes

Enko Running ShoesEnko Running Shoes

Running can be hard on your joints (knees and ankles especially), and a cheap running shoe will only make things worse. Enko Running shoes, featuring a unique shock absorption system, lessen the impact running has on your joints and makes your run more efficient in general.

With Enko's shock absorption system, impact with the ground is deadened and your running stride becomes smoother. The shock absorbers are adapted to your weight, so that you'll get the most comfortable running shoes you've ever worn.

Enko BenefitsEnko Benefits

Not only do the Enko Running Shoes lessen the impact on your joints, they optimize your energy output. Normally, the energy from your stride is lost when your foot hits the ground, however with Enko shoes, the two shock absorbers, in each shoe, harness the energy from your stride and then redistribute it when you lift your heel from the ground. 

These shock absorbers are also interchangeable. If you ever lose or gain weight and need more or less aggressive shock absorbers, you can always switch them out. You can also change out the studs, and the Enko shoes have a knob that allows you to switch from the "Run" option to a "Walk" option, in which the shock absorbers are less engaged.

Enko FeaturesEnko Features

Other features on the Enko Running Shoes include integral support straps that keep your foot in place in the shoes and light, breathable fabric. The Enko shoes are also designed to last; the springs have a guaranteed life of more than one million cycles. 

Running shoes should be designed with the runner in mine, especially the health of the runner. Enko Running Shoes will lessen the damage running does to your joints, keeping you healthier and running longer. You can find out more about these shoes, including how to order on the Enko website