MaYoMo - Mobile News Is Phoning It In!

Remember those great newspaper movies of the 1940s that portrayed zany journalists racing for the phones to call in their breaking news stories? Well, in a little less than 70 years, today's journalists are now bloggers and videographers who are able to not only submit a story via their mobile phones, but also capable of uploading a video to accompany their news articles.

With video now so easily accessible from our cell phones, a new social network was bound to emerge to allow for immediate news transfers. MaYoMo (Map Your Moments) is a video-centric "social news network" empowering a new era of Internet news creation and distribution.

With an ever-expanding corps of mobile bloggers reporting from every corner of the globe, MaYoMo, with headquarters in the Netherlands is re-shaping the evolution of journalism and will be able to deliver some very spirited news content in the weeks and months to come.

To demonstrate the immediacy of news transference, below is a story which was uploaded to MaYoMa before all major News Networks were able to distribute it. Pertaining to the death of Michael Jackson, this material was uploaded to MaYoMo at 5:27 PM EST on June.25.2009

On June 30, the network announced it was inviting journalism students throughout the US to contribute content to its site. This was an opportunity for budding journalists to enter the new world of news-reporting in a social network that allows for instantaneous global communication.

Hristo Alexiev, CEOHristo Alexiev, CEO"We're about creating the future of journalism," said Hristo Alexiev, CEO and co-founder. "The MaYoMo site is a video-centric web platform for mobile citizen journalism, whereby young journalists can develop networks of colleagues and audiences for collaboration and sharing. Participation on our site helps erase borders between countries for professional and student journalists alike."

Navigation on the home page allows visitors to hover over a global map. Clicking on a specific country like the UK will prompt a pop-up similar to this news story and video citing England as the host country for the 2019 Cricket World Cup Championships.

Now, thanks to MaYoMo's highly unique and entrepreneurial "news channel approach," professionals and student journalists can create and manage their own custom news channels, unleashing new career and income opportunities via the company's shared advertising revenue model.

To experience the power of news like never before, and participate in the future of journalism and news content distribution, journalist students and their advisers are encouraged to visit their web site.

It's a brave new world out there, and our mobility is allowing the next generation of journalists to call it in whenever the mood long as they don't forget to recharge their iPhones!