Maywa Denki Fishbone Cord USB Charging & Communication Cable Is Bony In Ivory, Black Or Pink

The USB Fish Cord from Maywa Denki features eyes that glow when the cable's in use and comes in three color choices to complement any tech workspace's décor scheme.

The device is the latest offering from Maywa Denki, a Japanese “art unit” formed in 1993 and currently celebrating their 20th anniversary in the creative design field. Maywa Denki's unique creations are no strangers to this site, their bizarre Zihotch Showa Retro Wrist Watch having been spotlighted here back in 2007.

Time has passed but Maywa Denki's creative spark shows no sign of dimming; on the contrary, the brothers Tosa have continually sought to adapt their design concepts to embody the relentless pace of technological advancement.

This brings us to the USB Fish Cord, representing their Naki series of products sporting fish-like motifs and aesthetics. While undeniably whimsical, these products never sacrifice function for form... does your USB cord light up when it's being used? This one does, and in doing so it enhances the marine ethos embodied in the product itself.

Measuring 32cm (about 12.5inches excluding the head & tail), the cord features a USB 2.0 male connector at the tail and and a Micro-B USB connector jutting from the “mouth”.

The conductive part of the cord is coated in soft PVC tinted in either Ivory, Black or Pink. It's an ideal complement to your MP3 music player, smartphone, or almost any compatible mobile device... not including actual fish. Get it at Nigiwai-Showten, priced at 1,750 yen or around $18 each.