Mazda-2 : World Car of the Year

For the past 4 years, a panel of almost 50 automotive journalists get together and choose the best overall car form around the world. For 2008, their choice was the Mazda-2. What was their reasoning?

Although the Mazda-2, called the Demio in Japan, is not currently on sale in the US, it has still make quite a stir throughout the automotive world. To be chosen as a world car of the year, Mazda's newest and most compact car had to appease the judges.

To even be considered, the vehicle must be sold on 2 different continents. From there, it will be pitted against dozens of other cars in categories such as performance, handling, overall design style and comfort. Another prominent judging area is how friendly the engine is to the environment.

The Mazda-2 will initially be fitted with either a 1.3L or 1.5L petroleum engine with a 1.4L Diesel within a few months. It is available as either a 3-door or 5-door hatchback.

Hopefully after seeing the impact of the little car, Mazda will decide to release it to the US. There has already been a huge movement for that reason and winning this award might be just the push we needed to get it done.

Source : World Car of the Year Homepage