Mazda Designs Even Lighter MX5....Plans to Unveil at Frankfurt

Few people who have driven the Mazda MX-5 have had complaints about handling. For 20 years, the same formula of lightweight components combined with sporty suspension has given the MX-5 superior handling even when compared to sports cars costing 2 or 3 times more. In honor of the MX-5's 20th year dominating the corners, Mazda has designed a new concept they plan on unveiling at Frankfurt.

The new concept has been named the MX-5 Superlight and, as the name implies, has taken the low weight ideology Mazda thrives on one step farther. By removing the windshield and any parts normally associated with a cockpit, Mazda was able to shave off quite a few pounds. In fact, the only real additions to the Superlight are the two roll bars right behind the driver and passenger seat.

Power for the Superlight will most likely come from the same 2.0 liter engine found in the current MX-5. Even though no boost in power is currently planned, the decrease in weight will likely provide a noticeable drop in the sprint from 0-60mph.

Mazda has yet to release any official details regarding production, but the Superlight will likely remain a concept.

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