Mazda Drops Preview of New SKY Clean Engine Series

It is no secret that Mazda refuses to separate driving excitement with environmentally friendliness. The engineers and designers are adamant that a car can be fun to drive, and still be clean and efficient. It is from this thinking that Mazda has been able to create the SKY clean engine concepts.

The first of these new engines is the SKY-G, which features an advanced direct injection system to provide better fuel economy and reduce tailpipe emissions. The second engine, and one that has the attention of many people, is the SKY-D. The SKY-D is listed as a clean diesel burning engine, which means more miles per gallon and more torque where it counts.

Both of these new engines will surely be attached to the recently introduced SKY-Drive automatic transmission. All three powertrain components will be present at the upcoming Tokyo Motor show.

Motor Authority