Mazda Planning to Bring Diesel Power to their Mid-Sized Market

North Americans have been practically begging to get their hands on just a few of the diesel powered vehicles available on the other side of the Atlantic. Thankfully, more and more automakers are beginning to realize how popular the oil burning alternative is among Americans, with Mazda looking to be the next to offer a diesel powerplant stateside.

Although the SKY-D engine was originally introduced late last year, there were no official plans as to what vehicles it would be used in. Now, Mazda has gone on the record to say they are planning on fitting the SKY-D into their "next-generation mid-sized car." Although they haven't named a specific platform, the current bets are on the Mazda-6.

No official power figures have been released to the public as of yet, but Mazda was more than happy to provide us with their estimate of 43 miles to the gallon on the highway. It is unclear if that figure was derived using the 6-speed manual, or the new SKY-Drive 6-speed automatic gearbox. Either way, it's safe to say this will likely be a hard vehicle to keep on the lots.

The first run of diesel powered Mazdas is expected to hit North American shores sometime in 2012.

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