MB&F MusicMachine 2 Is A Music Box With A $21,000 Price Tag

Ever said to yourself, "You know what my bedroom needs? An outrageously priced music box that looks strangely similar to the Star Trek Enterprise, but isn't actually the Star Trek Enterprise? And I need it to play snippets from the Star Trek AND Star Wars theme songs?" Oh, you have? Well, aren't you in luck, the MB&F MusicMachine 2 was made just for you!

"So why does this Enterprise-Wanna-Be cost $21,000?" Boy, am I glad you asked:

"A man, Lorenzo Pellegrini – who is in his 80s – is the only one who can select the right tree, and according to him, only 1 in 10,000 spruce trees in the correct region have the proper resonance qualities. When the right plant is found the trees are only cut down in November during a waning moon, because apparently that is when the tree is in its driest state. After being cut down, the wood is allowed to dry for up to a decade before being specially cut for its ultimate use in these music boxes. If that doesn’t make for the types of stories that sell luxury goods, then I really don’t know what will." - A Blog To Watch

So, as you can tell, this music box is a pretty big deal. It's like seeing Big Foot, but instead of him growling at you, he hums you sweet, sweet melodies from the "Imperial March" by John Williams. In addition to the theme songs the music box also plays clips from Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Clash.

MB&F is a respected watch and mechanical art maker so you can bet that this music box will look and sound amazing in your house. At $21,000, however, it has a very, very limited market, which is made clear by its limited run of 99 pieces. 66 in deep, flawless black, and 33 in a stunning white.

Source: ABlogToWatch