"MC Square" Handheld Relaxation Device Improves Memory and Concentration

A device called the MC Square is new to the United States but has been quite popular in Korea. As a matter of fact, over 1.5 million units have sold in Korea. So what does the MC Square do anyway? No, it's not the name of a new rapper or D.J. The MC Square is a device, about the size of an MP3 player, which claims to promote relaxation, improve memory, and improve concentration through visual and audible stimulation.
MC Square playerMC Square player
The MC Square consists of earbuds, goggles, and the device itself. The device features 6 different programs that play soothing natural sounds, such as rain drops. The goggles produce a series of flashing red lights, which supposedly works in conjunction with the soothing sounds to cause "significant changes in EEG patterns and cerebral synchronization".
MC Square in useMC Square in use
Korean students have found that using the MC Square for 15 minutes per day has improved their study skills and memorization. If this device really does work like the Korean maker, Daeyang E&C, says it does, it could really give students and workers that extra "edge" that they lack in concentration, stress relief, and memorization skills.

If the MC Square doesn't actually work at calming and relaxing you, you can at least use it as a very expensive MP3 player. This device comes equipped with 512 MB of flash memory, and a mini SD card. You can also view photos on its OLED color display, or leave yourself notes with the built-in voice recorder.
MC Square GogglesMC Square Goggles
The MC Square became available in the United States, in November, for a cool $399. I guess you really can't put a price on stress relief and relaxation, so the steep price tag may be worth it (if the thing works!). If it ends up not working as advertised, you at least have the most expensive $40 MP3 player in the World!

Source: Gearlog

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Nov 20, 2007
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Mind machine

That's just a very common mindmachine - thousands of them have been on the market for years.