McDonald's Japan Rolls Out Prison Loaf Burgers For Kids

McDonald's Japan is responding to parents' concerns about the lack of nutritious vegetables in the fast-food restaurant's offerings by introducing a trio of veggie-infused, Prison Loaf-like chicken burgers “that children will eat happily.” Sure they will... 

Dubbed the MoguMogu Mac, Vegetable Chicken Burger and Vegetable Chicken McMuffin (the latter only served mornings before 10:30am), the supposedly kid-friendly trio features a “burger” made from colorful vegetables including corn, carrots, and green soybeans kneaded into a grilled chicken patty. One brutally honest commenter at 3Yen likened the meatish monstrosity to “fried vomit”.

The MoguMogu Mac is the most bare-bones of the bunch, being composed of only the grilled animal-vegetable conglomerate patty topped with ketchup and served on a toasted bun.

At least the Vegetable Chicken Burger (above) adds lettuce, onions and tomatoes while switching out the ketchup for a dash of paprika and a special vegetable sauce finished with lemon. In other words, even more veggies – did anyone try testing this on actual kids?

Last but not least – or at least, the least of three evils – is the Vegetable Chicken McMuffin, a rather sad offering that's in essence a Vegetable Chicken Burger with a split English Muffin subbing for the toasted bun.

McDonald's Japan ain't done yet, though – each of the franken-patty sandwiches centers an optional set meal with healthy sides such as a small salad and/or a separate serving of – you guessed it – moar veggies. The Vegetable Chicken McMuffin breakfast set, on the other hand, includes a cup of coffee... wait, what?