McDonalds Japan's Serves Up French Fries With Chocolate Sauce

Dubbed the “McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce” by, presumably, some Japanese Biff Tannen, this sweet & greasy concoction would appear to embody everything that's bad for you. Oh, and SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Not The Sweet Potatoes You Were Looking For

Far-eastern folks haven't exactly been lovin' McDonalds Japan of late. A host of unsavory food scandals and a french fry shortage so severe it resulted in rationing have prompted significant numbers of potential diners to spend their fast-food yen elsewhere.

Side Order? Dessert? Why Not Both!

Obviously something had to be done but who could have imagined this: the new and, er, interesting “Maku Choco Poteto” (to paraphrase the direct translation). Promoted by a high-profile Twitter campaign offering coupons for the unlikely menu item, one would hope McDJ has resolved their former fry shortage fiasco 'cuz foodies are gonna eat this up.

Fats Food

McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce comes in a rectangular cardboard box promising “original golden crispy” goodness inside – and that's just what you get for your 330 yen (about $2.80). Things get weird when the company thinks OUTSIDE the box, however.   

What's Next, McInsulin?

See that little dispen-pak of Double Choco Sauce? Careful manipulation of the package results in twin streams of regular and white chocolate sauce flowing over your naked & afraid fries. Don't cross the streams... meh, what's the worst that could happen; besides obesity, diabetes and tooth decay? (via Jonelle Patrick)