McDonald's German Chicken Sausage Burger Blitzes Hong Kong

If you're hungry enough to raise the Teutonic, then we kindly ask you to get a grip... on the German Chicken Sausage Burger, an epicurious menu offering from McDonald's Hong Kong. It seems McDonalds Japan is also offering Hong Kong's Mitteleuropa meal as part of their iCon series.

We're not sure what motivated McD-HK to go Deutsch, so to speak, but the most obvious reason is the constant pressure to bring out new menu items for the sake of variety, notoriety and of course the appeal of exotic ethnicity. When taking these factors into account, the German Chicken Sausage Burger passes with flying colors.

Whatever the justification, the German Chicken Sausage Burger is an odd beast indeed. Is it a chicken, a sausage, a burger, or what?? Let's open one up, shall we?

Between the halves of a split country-style bun you'll find not a speck of beef. Instead, the “burger” features a flattened lemon chicken filet, a circular cross section of chicken sausage, Emmental (Swiss) cheese, sauerkraut and dill mustard. Sounds tasty, but is it German?

McDonald's seems to think it is, and they try their Götterdämmerungest to convince buyers it is as well. Just look at the box the burger comes in: “Plenty Meaty, Proudly German.” The copy on the side of box leads off with “From the heartland of Europe, we bring you the German Chicken Sausage Burger.” Convinced yet?

In case you've been wondering what McDonalds Germany is doing to accommodate demand for local Germanic menu content, rest assured Actual German Folks™ aren't offered the German Chicken Sausage Burger.

Instead, Berliners bite down on the Nürnberger (right), a decidedly un-McDonald's-y concoction that features a trio of chicken sausages instead of McD-HK's chicken filet and chicken sausage slice.

As for the German Chicken Sausage Burger itself, the least we can do is acknowledge McDonald's Hong Kong's heartfelt attempt to channel the best of Oktoberfest – for better or wurst. What say ye, proud Fatherlanders, das schmeckt or das boo? (via Chung Dha, Open Rice, and My Tokyo Dream)

Dec 25, 2011
by Anonymous


The Nürnburger is actually some kind of clone of the typical Nuremberg snack: Nürnberger Rostbratwürstel (Nuremberg grilled sausage) in Semmel (bun) with mustard. Also interesting: The sausages were made by a company owned by Ulli Hoenes, who happend to be the president of the FC Bayern München, the famous German soccer club.

The "German Chicken Sausage Burger"? Ok, maybe once some drunken student from Germany took everything left in his fridge and put it all together into a bun.