McDonald's Japan Big America Burgers are Back “4” 2012!

If you loved McDonald's Japan's quartet of “Big America” burgers last year and the year before, well get out the napkins and the antacid because they're baaaack! This year's fast food final four kicks off with the Grand Canyon Burger, followed by three more homeland hamburger homages filling out the first quarter – not to mention your waistline.  

McDonald's Japan has a long history of innovation that has boosted the multinational fast food colossus into a Japanese market leader. Special seasonal menus, unusual branding experiments and of course, the popular Big America burgers have kept the company in the public eye – and mouth.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for McD in J, however, and the recent return of Wendy's adds more pressure to be hip, trendy and above all tasty. Are McDonald's Japan execs feeling some hot & juicy breath on the backs of their necks? No need to wait for it, just roll out four new Big America burgers!

The “Big America” concept began in 2010 with four American-themed hamburgers topped with regional garnishes meant to evoke the U S of A's hot spots... from a Japanese perspective. The burgers were back in 2011 and now, with eight iconic regions under their (and our) belts, Big America is back. Is three times the charm for McDonald's Japan?

The first new Big America burger hit store grills in December of 2011 and will be served through January 4th, 2012. The Grand Canyon Burger (top) offers a quarter-pound beef patty with “steak filling,” cooked egg, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, crispy onions, steak sauce (with soy and "smoked" flavors) and an extra middle bun.


By the end of January the Las Vegas Burger makes its debut. This time the burger is topped with a spicy sauteed sliced beef & onion “salsa”, drizzled with special cream cheese sauce.

February's blahs will be banished by the Broadway Burger, which features a quarter-pound beef burger topped with fresh vegetables, pastrami bacon, mustard sauce and cream cheese sauce. What, no Wall Street Burger? I'm assuming that's because the burger would be bear, er, bare.

Last but not least, March roars in like a lion – the MGM lion, since the last in this series of specialty burgers is the Beverly Hills Burger! McDonald's Japan tops this quintessentially Californian concoction with lettuce, onions, avocado sauce and  Caesar salad sauce. I'd like to thank the Academy... for extra napkins!

Let's enjoy McDonald's Japan's new Big America burgers while they last. They just might be the best-tasting things on the menu... if the queasiness-inducing “TunaMuffin” is any indication. (via Business Insider and Eataku)

May 10, 2012
by Anonymous

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