McDonalds Japan 'Big America' Burgers Are Back For Seconds

So nice, they had to eat 'em twice! McDonalds Japan has announced a new quartet of “Big America” burgers that supposedly capture the tastes of Texas, Idaho, Miami and Manhattan. 

A press conference held at McDonalds Japan's Studio M in Tokyo grandly announced the fast food giant's Big America 2 campaign for 2011. Leading off with the Texas Burger 2, a total of four different diner-style burgers evoking unique American regions will appear on store menus over the first quarter of 2011.

The quirky quartet follows on last year's very successful Big America campaign that saw Japanese customers eagerly chow down on gourmet burgers evoking the tastes of Texas, New York, California and Hawaii.


Texas Burger 2

Last year's Texas Burger was the most popular of the four Big America burgers and as such, it's being renewed with a “wilder” taste. From the top down, the Texas Burger 2 features tantalizing chili beans, bacon and onions over a central Big Mac style bun. Next comes a quarter-pound beef burger resting on a slice of American Cheese and old-fashioned grainy mustard relish. Giddy-up!


Burger Idaho

Next up is the Burger Idaho – can you guess what makes it special? Yep, 'taters. Lift off the top half of an onion bun and you'll find grainy mustard sauce with bacon and onions topping a circular fried hash-brown potato patty. The crispy fried potato rests upon a quarter-pound beef burger, which in turn tops a slice of cheese and peppery sauce. Get your own private Burger Idaho from late-January until mid-February. Gosh!


Miami Burger

The Miami Burger, to be sold from mid-February until mid-March, is meant to evoke the spicy flavor of the American South though McDonalds Japan refers to southwestern “tacos” in their description of this supposedly southeastern burger. The Miami Burger features a quarter-pound beef patty topped with lettuce, tortilla chips, shredded cheese and a moderately spicy tomato chili sauce. Americans may find the Miami Burger slightly confusing but hey – you'll never see one on the menu in South Beach anyway. Say OM NOM NOM to my leettle friend!


Manhattan Burger

Last and not least, the Manhattan Burger – sort of an improved follow-up to last years rather plain-jane Burger New York. This go-round (beginning in mid-March), the Manhattan Burger is meant to capture the taste of old-fashioned Big Apple deli sandwiches. Inside the artisan bun you'll find a slice of mozzarella cheese, fresh lettuce, onions, and a slice of pastrami. Both top and bottom buns are slathered with sour cream sauce for a “modern, airy, refined taste”. Don't know about that, but this is the Big America 2 burger I'd most like to try.


As all four Big America 2 burgers will be available only for a limited time, expect McDonalds Japan to pull out all the stops on ad campaigns featuring stereotypical Texas, Idaho, Miami and Manhattan imagery – quite tastefully, of course. (via Gigazine and Tokyo Five)