McDonalds Japan Bucks Fast Food Trends With Big Fat Burgers

The Mega Mac... beef beyond belief!The Mega Mac... beef beyond belief!

McDonalds is a global presence but each nation has some leeway in what products they put on the menu. Thus, the presence of teriyaki burgers and shrimp sandwiches at McDonalds Japan is no surprise. Their other offerings ARE surprising, however... even shocking - and I'm not talking about whale nuggets, either (though the allusion to great size is fitting).

"Mr. Godzilla, your burger is ready""Mr. Godzilla, your burger is ready"

No, it's the burgers. Multi-layered, hypercaloric extravaganzas that make the Whopper look like a whimper. Most of the super-sized sandwiches - marketed by McDonalds Japan under the "MEGA" moniker - are sold for a limited time only. Which is actually a good thing, as a steady diet of these monsters would severely limit your time on the planet.

Take the "Mega Terayaki", for instance... made ("built" is perhaps a better word) with two pork patties topped with teriyaki sauce and sweet lemon mayonnaise, the Mega Teriyaki weighs in at a whoppering 903 calories and packs 64.3 grams of fat!

Mega Tamago (left) and Mega TomatoMega Tamago (left) and Mega Tomato

There's a very good reason why McDonalds Japan continues to roll out new and ever more massive mega burgers - the Japanese love them! Over 3.32 million of the original Mega Macs were sold in their first weekend back in January of 2007, nearly twice what McDonalds Japan product planners anticipated.

The scheduled 3-week run was extended indefinitely as a result. For a mere 350 yen (about $3.50), the Mega Mac offers hungry (and you'd better be) customers four beef patties, cheese & dressing along with a trio of sesame seed buns. If you can eat the whole thing, you've just inflicted 754 calories from 45.9 grams of fat on your circulatory system. Now that's gotta heart!

A breakfast that'll break yaA breakfast that'll break ya

Even breakfast has succumbed to the relentless push for mega-ness: as the new "Mega Muffin" so graphically demonstrates. Calorie & fat counts are not yet available but the numbers have got to be mega-scary. How can they not be, when each Mega Muffin is throwing 2 pork sausages, 1 egg, bacon, cheese, and ketchup your way? And you just know you're gonna hear "would you like fries with that?"... resist that siren song, if you can!

All of this burger bloating seems so out of character for Japan, land of artistically designed sushi eaten slowly and delicately with lacquered chopsticks. The only thing I can think of is that if Godzilla returns to finally finish off Tokyo, he'll stuff himself so full of Mega Teriyaki burgers that there'll be no room left to gobble the Ginza. (via A Rinkya Blog)

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Apr 2, 2008
by Anonymous


Oh man..this is simply over the top! How much food do these people put away..

Apr 2, 2008
by Anonymous

Mmmm that looks really good right now

350 Yen? Whats the current exchange rate?

Apr 2, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Yen / Dollar

The current yen / dollar exchange rate is about 102 yen to the dollar which make it as easy as it could be to figure out the US cost of Japanese goods.  So, 350 yen is close to $3.50 -- a pretty good deal on a burger that big!

Apr 7, 2008
by Anonymous


I'd expect as much from Japan, just because they have the longest life expectancies doesn't mean a thing. Japan has an inflated economy with inflated advertising, they love tradition, but at the same time they battle with their love of all things Western and combinations of Western/Eastern things as well. That's why almost every Western themed product is taken out of proportion, they've been Westernizing in way less time than the US has even been a country. It's sort of like the introduction of alcohol to the Native, a lot (not all) of the Native Americans became worse alcoholics than their Western counterparts. Japan is as addicted to the West as the West is addicted to Japan, if not more so. So, no surprise there! I also forgot to mention their competitiveness with Westerners. It's weird, Japanese people can be seen as either highly competitive or as some people like to think, very humble and not very competitive. Personally, I think they are very competitive on the inside whether they like to show it or not due to their strict social structure. Hence why everything done the Western way must be grander (even if that means something must be made smaller or made more simplified) with a Japanese twist.