McDonald's Japan New 'Christmas Set' Challenges KFC Chicken Tradition

Christmas is coming, and Japan is making reservations for dinner: at KFC! Forget sugar plums and oven-roasted goose, Christmas dinner in Japan means chicken, especially the Colonel's Secret Recipe.

KFC has carved out a unique modern holiday tradition ("Kentucky For Christmas!", since the early 1970s) in Japan that not only specifies chicken for dinner on Christmas Eve, but KFC chicken in particular. According to Japan Probe, families are already placing advance orders for KFC's Xmas Buckets to the point where some outlets are fully booked - on November 10th, yet!

The fowl frenzy has not gone overlooked by KFC's main competitor in Japan, McDonald's. This year, the Golden Arches is providing the Kentucky Colonel with a li'l chikkin competition in the form of McDonald’s Japan's inaugural "Christmas Set". The set will include two Juicy Chicken Selects, two 5-piece boxes of Chicken McNuggets, two "Shaka Shaka" chickens (sort of a pre-cooked, DIY shake & bake), and a mega-sized french fries. Whew!

That's not all: exclusive to the Christmas Set are one of three McDonald's phone strap charms and a packet of special Sour Cream & Onion sauce for the chicken nuggets. The whole shebang is priced at 1,780 yen (just under $22) and comes packed in a unique "iCon Box". (via Japan Probe and Oricon, image via Motifake)