McDonalds Japan Rolls Out The Great Moon Burger

McDonalds Japan has offered burger loving customers a variety of bigger burgers including Mega Macs, Mega McMuffins and the recent quartet of Big America Burgers. The fast food giant isn't shy about celebrating its past burger breakthroughs either, such as the bacon & egg Moon Burger introduced back in 1990.

It's been 20 years since the Moon Burger "rose" into the consciousness of hungry consumers, and McDonalds Japan is celebrating the event with a new selection of three new Moon Burgers: Regular, Cheese and the mind-boggling, artery-clogging Great Moon Burger that features a double & a half sized beef patty. Says McDonalds, "There's more to it"... and they ain't kidding!

You have to ask yourself... is Japan turning to the dark side (of the moon)? Even more mysterious, how have average Japanese managed to stay slim in the face of a continuing come-on of beefy belt-busting burgers more suited to Sumo than salarymen? That last sentence might be a mouthful but it pales in comparison to the Great Moon Burger.

Here's what you get when you shoot for the Great Moon: one 2.5-times normal sized beef patty sandwiched between slices of cheddar cheese, topped with an Egg McMuffin-style disc of fried egg. Then McD's adds a few strips of smoky bacon and  "original Aurora creamy tomato mayonnaise" - not exactly sure what that is but it sure sounds nice!
Before crunching the big burger, try crunching the numbers: 716 calories, 38.4 grams of protein, 46.8 grams of fat, 34.3 grams of carbohydrates and 2.8 grams of sodium. Still hungry? Well warm up your pacemaker and dig in!

Pricing for the various Moon Burgers seems reasonable considering the range of food groups nestled between the sesame seed buns. Regular Moon Burgers start at just 270 yen (about $3.15), a Great Moon Burger goes for 380 yen (about $4.45) and a Great Moon Burger combo maxes out at 710 yen (about $8.35).

As with most of McDonalds Japan's special burgers, the 20th anniversary Moon Burgers are only available for a limited time - from August 27th to mid-September so sorry, no lovin' it long time. (via Walker Plus and Yahoo Japan News)