McDonalds Japan To Test Delivery Service In Tokyo


They may be lovin' it in Tokyo but soon they won't be leavin' home to go get it. Effective Monday, December 20th, 2010, McDonalds Japan will begin delivering phoned-in orders from their central Tokyo outlet near the Tomei Expressway's Yoga Exit.

The delivery service is being instituted on a six-month trial basis, according to company spokesman Kenji Kaniya, who intimated that the service may be expanded if it's determined to be both popular and profitable. McDonalds Japan hasn't announced delivery charges and minimum order amounts as yet, and at first orders will only be accepted via phone.

McDonalds operates store-to-home delivery in 18 countries and deliveries are usually made via brightly colored company-owned motor scooters, such as those seen above behind a McDonalds outlet in Seoul, South Korea.

McDonalds has no plans to start up delivery service in the United States, in case you were hungry, er, wondering. The company's policy regarding delivery is to focus on consumers for whom easy access methods such as drive-thru are not a workable option.

“We have strengthened our basic business the past seven years to serve customers who come to our outlets,” said Kaniya. “Now we will work on also serving customers who can't come to our outlets.” (via The Japan Times)

Dec 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Japanese are delayed in this.

In Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brasil, McDonalds already delivers to your adress.
Japanese people are very late in this service.
Sorry, but Brasil is better in many things than developed countries.