McDonald's “Potato Holder” Fits Fries Above, Hands & Cupholders Below

Old & busted: cupholders. New crispy, salty and greasy hotness: the McDonald's fries holder! Designed to fit car, truck and bike cupholders not to mention pedestrian hands, the bright red plastic “Potato Holder” is available for a limited time from McDonald's Japan.

Beginning on April 24th, customers who buy a Value Set (1 hamburger, 1 large drink or 1 medium Latte, and 1 large fries) will receive a free Potato Holder.

Illustrations at the online official press release page show the Potato Holder – which looks like a generic French Fries scoop with a big circular flange around the handle – depicted in a number of suggested real world situations such as a vehicle cupholder (duh), a bicycle's water bottle carrier, and the back of plastic stadium seating.

Is there anyplace else ideal for the Potato Holder? Could it possibly used for something else than holding a serving of McDonald's fries? The inquiring minds at McDonald's Japan want to know! A Twitter campaign set to run concurrently with the Potato Holder promotion asks the public to tweet their ideas, along with the hashtag “# potato holder” and the official campaign website URL. Tweeters selected through a unique Mac Card lottery will win a 1,000 yen Mac Card.

Last but not least, the Potato Holder is made from fire engine red plastic emblazoned with the internationally familiar gold & black McDonald's Drive-Thru logo... totally appropriate for an item designed to fit standard motor vehicle cupholders. Speaking of which, McDonald's Japan advises users that “to prevent accidents, please refrain from eating and drinking while driving.” DOH!!