McKamey Manor: Horror Movie Experience From Your Nightmares

Psychopathic killers, stalker clowns, paranormal poltergeists - it's the season for them. We invite them into our lives by showcasing them on our televisions, retelling spooky tales by flashlight, and even paying to have them scare the pants off us. We've seen many businesses try their hand at the scare industry, but this Halloween we're featuring one that takes it to a level that only those with a criminal record have gone before. Seriously.  

Scare businesses take many forms, in both fictionalized and historically haunted settings. But many follow a similar format, using darkness and characters inspired by nightmares to catch those unwitting enough to pay for the privilege of jumping out of their skin. For some poor tortured souls that don't find the traditional haunted Halloween experience blood curdling enough, a San Diego, California attraction offers an experience that should end with charges laid. 

'Extreme haunts' are a new category for the scare attraction realm, and while they're been popping up around the globe, only ones offers a true 'victim experience' that is customized. Each victim's time at McKamey Manor is unique, because the session is designed around his/her fears. 

Some components of the McKamey Manor tour are the same each time a new torture victim walks through their doors (or gets dragged). Typically, the victim is picked up at a neutral location, bound and blindfolded. Extra special guests are kidnapped for an added element of horror.They're then whisked straight into their worst nightmare, orchestrated by a staff of 28, many of whom have a background in experimental theatre. You won't find it on their pamphlet, but a few team members might be closeted sadists as well. Or, at least you'd be lead to believe that's true based on some of their actions, which often leave visitors a little battered, bruised, and covered in blood (that is not their own). For their safety, every visitor is also escorted by McKamey Manor's founder, Russ McKamey who protects himself from liability concerns by having each victim sign a detailed waiver.

McKamey Manor puts people in their very own horror movie every Friday and Saturday. No more than two victims participate in any individual experience, and their nightmare lasts between 4 and 8 hours depending on the day of their reservation. 

 It is a non-profit operation run by volunteers, and the fee to participate is a donation of canned dog food that is then provided to a local shelter.  That is, for those that have the misfortune of being selected from a 17,000 person waiting list.