Measuring Time With A Sleek & Modern Watch: The Ora Designer Timepiece

Watches act as a major statement piece for men and women; but men in particular seem to have a love for watches that are aesthetically appealing and incorporate neat features and gadgets. The Ora Watch puts a spin on timepieces, and that's a statement you can almost take literally.

Ora WatchOra Watch

The Ora watch designed by Alexandros Stasinopoulos  uses a series of wheels and gears to turn the three colorful tapes that keep track of the time, and create an accessory that definitely stands out. The tape that takes center stage to measure time actually tracks the minutes, and the smaller tapes that overlap display the time and date.

Alexandros Stasinopoulos WatchAlexandros Stasinopoulos Watch

Currently, this watch is a concept only; though I can see it becoming a new and emerging trend. Perhaps not with the Wall Street Group, but those who appreciate a flashy timepiece during their downtime.

Watch Measures TimeWatch Measures Time

Via: Cool Buzz