'Meat King' Cup Noodle Beefs Up Instant Ramen

Meat King... now that's a name that promises no bull. It delivers it, though, and lots of it: big chunks of meaty goodness just waiting for the invigorating dash of hot water to turn freeze-dried foodstuffs into a mouth-watering meal fit for a king - a Meat King!

OK, a little overblown maybe but you gotta love that name. Beef Baron, Pork Princess or Steak Squire just don't have the same aural aura. Ahh, Meat King... and just what kind of meat, you may ask?

Three kinds, actually: beef, diced chicken and minced pork flavored with pepper and soy sauce, yum!!

Meat King Cup Noodle from Nissin was just recently released (June 7th) and costs 170 yen (about $1.90) per cup.

Not bad when you're up for a quick, satisfying, meaty mini meal that's ready in mere minutes with a minimum of preparation. Students, gamers and hungry geeks are gonna LOVE it! (via Gigazine)

Jun 11, 2010
by Anonymous

Bring these to the US market

Must for the US Market alone.

Rather have more meat then soup mix anyway