Meat Towel Gets You Clean With The Look Of High Protein

The Meat Towel is the perfect gift for that clean, lean, high-protein machine on your holiday gift list. It also makes a bloody good scarf that's good for a larf!

Shower scene from Psycho not freaky enough for you? Try stepping out of the spray, right into the cozy embrace of the Meat Towel from Mitsubai Tokyo. Memo to any Norman Bates types out there: with the Meat Towel you'll never have to worry about those annoying bloodstains again.

The Meat Towel resembles an extra-generous portion of thin-sliced rare beef that is commonly used in a plethora of Japanese recipes including that old standby, sukiyaki. Its rich, marbled look is mouthwatering to say the least, and the concept has been proven previously on other meaty items like the Meat iPod Cover.

Measuring 36 inches (900mm) long by 13.2 inches (330mm) wide, the long & narrow towel is ideal for other purposes such as a scarf to keep winter's chill off your neck. The towel follows the Japanese standard in another way, reflected in its short pile.

Made in the city of Imabari, the Towel Capital of Japan, the Meat Towel ("Niku Taoru" in phonetic Japanese) is crafted from 100% cotton and comes packaged in traditional Japanese style butcher paper.

Obviously there's a huge demand for Meat Towels in Japan as Mitsubai Tokyo's initial inventory has been exhausted, however it's likely the manufacturer in Imabari is gearing up to run off another big batch so get your 1,800 yen (about $22) ready.

We'll close with some words of wisdom from the Meat Towel's manufacturer, NN Co. Ltd.: "To add little surprises and smiles to our daily lives. Hoping that this towel can bring the yet unknown meat lovers together. These are the wishes we wrap in with the meat, one by one."