Mecha Impression with the Gundam 30th Anniversary 1:60 Replica Model


Can't afford the 60-ft tall Gundam RX-78 Mobile Suit that looms menacingly over Tokyo's Odaiba Island? That's OK, it's not for sale... but a 12-inch tall, 30th anniversary replica model is!

Gundam is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and the incredible 1:1 scale model RX-78 Mobile Suit Gundam standing since June in Odaiba's Shiokaze Park has become a major tourist attraction.

The 18-meter (59.05 feet) tall mecha design has now been reproduced in 1:60 scale, which makes for a 12-inch tall model. Short maybe, but hey... it's Gundam!



The original Gundam RX-78 model dates from 1979 when it debuted in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam by Yoshiyuki Tomino's and Sunrise. Learn more about it and Gundam's history here.

As for the 1:60 scale model, the designers have endeavored to reproduce the giant Odaiba Gundam as closely as possible, even including the base it stands upon along with a few puny human figures to give an idea of the 1:1 model's awesomeness (see below). 


Rinkya Stores began taking advance orders for the 1:60 scale Gundam RX-78 Mobile Suit on September 8 and will continue through the remainder of 2009. Deliveries are expected to begin in the spring of 2010. Oh, and the price? Just 81,900 yen, or $885 at current exchange rates. Knock yourself out. 

Sep 13, 2009
by Anonymous

How about similar size Figures of

All Transformers in Robotic Mode
ED robot from ROBOCOP 1 movie
Godzilla monster?
Iron Giant- Disney movie, 1990s.
Robot Jox Robot Warriors, 1990s movie.

That be Real Neat to see.

Bring them to the US, Canada alone.