Mechanic Advisor's Connection Key Plugs You Into Engine Problems

Is the dreaded “Check Engine” light on your car's dash suddenly shining with evil intensity? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Don't panic, there's an app for that courtesy of Connection Key! This neat new combination hardware/software device from Mechanic Advisor takes the mystery out of cryptic dashboard “idiot lights”, diagnoses the problem, and directs you to the nearest reliable mechanic.

Over the past twenty years or so our vehicles have gradually become more computerized. It's gotten to the point where literally dozens of computers and related electronic modules keep our cars and trucks humming along. There's a downside, mind you... the days of the “driveway mechanic” are pretty much over and even professional grease monkeys need extensive training as automotive technicians.

All this leaves the average driver more disconnected than ever from the vehicles they rely upon... or does it? While the trend in auto mechanics is ever more digital, the same can be said for society itself. Sooner or later someone's going to find a way to translate the former into an easily accessible and understandable format for the latter. Well guess what... “sooner” is the first quarter of 2015, “someone” is Mechanic Advisors, and the way is Connection Key!

When you plug the matchbook-sized Connection Key into your vehicle's standard On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, the integral software connects to iOS and Android smartphones via a secure, encrypted Bluetooth link. Activate the app and access real-time vehicle data while deciphering more than 20,000 error codes. Even if your vehicle's running smoothly, the app can alert you to change the oil, replace worn tires or perform other vehicle-specific scheduled maintenance. Not driving a late-model vehicle? No problem – according to Mechanic Advisor the app will work on most vehicles manufactured since the 1996 model year.

The finishing touch is Connection Key's massive database of over half a million trusted repair outlets. Mechanic Advisor plans to refine this feature further to help those with specific automotive issues find mechanics specializing in the relevant problem(s).

Mechanic Advisor is gearing up for Connection Key's official product launch in early 2015 but the company is accepting pre-orders right now. Current “early bird” pricing is $50 including shipping with the cost rising to $75 after the official retail release. Visit the Mechanic Advisor website for more info and to watch a cool explanatory video. (via Gizmag)