Mechanical Mobile Phone Begs To Be Taken For A Spin

If the green movement has brought us one thing it's weird new ways of creating energy and recharging batteries. If cranking, shaking, solar or wind aren't up your alley, here's a new design that provides a different spin on charging. No, literally--a spin.

The Mechanical Mobile designed by Mikhail Stawsky provides its owner with a spin charger.To spin toward more bars, one simply places the phone on a finger and makes like a third base coach on a deep ball to right. 

We've all seen cranking on various devices including flashlights and radios, but spinning is something more original. Internally, I suppose it works the same way a crank does, only with a hole in the middle rather than a lever. Unfortunately, it seems like the device would likely spin for about four seconds before flying off the tip of one's pointer and sailing into solid asphalt. Either way, you'd no longer have to worry about charging the battery. 

Outside of its unique take on charging, the mobile offers a touchscreen interface and unique, if not entirely practical, L-shaped profile. Unfortunately, the giant charging donut on the bottom limits the room for a screen and keypad, so the display and letters are rather condensed. 

I don't suspect we'll be seeing this rise from the depths of LG or HTC stables, but it does provide an interesting means of charging that might work better on a different device. 

Via: Yanko 

Jan 2, 2010
by Anonymous

A great alternative to charge your cell phones

This would be a great way to charge your mobile phone and at the same time you need not carry a charger (which most of us forget to carry at important events). Mechanical energy is an efficient resource of energy and would help create a great initiative to save power and electricity which is quite precious.

Jun 5, 2010
by Anonymous

How to Buy

Is it already on sale?
If yes, how much is it and how can we buy it?
Thank you