Mechanical Venus Fly Trap Will Keep Buggers Contained For You

When you were a kid, did you like messing around with bugs?  Maybe today you have your own kids, and their fascination with insects needs an outlet.  If you don't mind creepy crawlers, or if you want to capture them without killing them altogether, you might want to check out this cool mechanical venus fly trap.

The toy has a censor inside of the venus fly trap part that senses when an insect as landed inside.  It then "swallows" the insect and stores in a bug hotel, or you can purchase the accompaning Extreme Bug Vac to store the critters in.  The Extreme Bug Vac has a built-in magnifying glass for your viewing pleasure.Extreme Bug VacExtreme Bug Vac

Children's fascination with insects can be a healthy gateway into fields of education like ecology and zoology, so don't let yourself be too grossed out.  At least you know these pests will be contained.  If you know of any other educational products that have a certain quirk about them, let us know in the comments!  And, happy bug hunting! You can find this at Amazon.

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Feb 16, 2010
by devvon

cool device

i could slightly modify your device then would b gauranteed to sell,,,