MedCottage: Pop-Up Medical Home For Senior Care

When senior care falls to family members, it can be challenging for everyone involved due to a lack of privacy for both the senior and their family, and the fact that a family caregiver is constantly worried about their well-being. One business has created a solution to this, adopting a current trend but taking it in a new direction.


MedCottage is a little pop-up house that can be placed next to a main property. It's got hookups for electricity and water, and it's designed especially with senior care in mind. The company offers various pop-up styles, but they all have the same essential components. MedCottage is hooked up to a computer system to remind seniors when it's time to take their medications (if the caregiver isn't present). Seniors also wear an ankle monitor that can alert caregivers if they fall or need help, and family is always close by with the pop-up home being placed on the property. But, the good news is that it is a separate home, and while proximity is important, so is privacy!

Via: Springwise

Dec 23, 2010
by Anonymous

How much???

How much to install & for services or contract out for Home care from local sources, Love the concept, but hard to use in Urban areas alone IE NYC, Boston.
Nice for suburbs.
Great for rural areas.

Franchise this if doable.