Medibottle - A Parent's Secret Weapon for a Sick Baby

Fighting with a sick baby isn’t any fun, which is exactly why Medibottle™ was created.

Baby is sick, and it is up to you to make her well again. However, take into account the fact your fussy kiddo is going to fight that medicine administration the whole way down into her stomach, as she has no way of knowing the benefits of the bad taste and temporary discomfort. A Solution to a Common BattleA Solution to a Common Battle

The Medibottle™ is a new product designed to accurately deliver the proper dosage of medication while eliminating the classic battle between parent and child. Using a “squirt and sip” process, your baby begins to drink out of the Medibottle™ just as she would a typical bottle of milk. While feeding, the parent presses on a plunger to release a small amount of medicine into the tip of the bottle’s nipple.

When baby takes her next sip, the medication is easy consumed along with the milk, so baby tastes the good stuff without any of the yuck! This process is continued until all the medicine has been given,a process that typical takes 60 seconds.

Innovative MedicineInnovative Medicine

Want to try out this innovative baby feeder for yourself? You can visit the company’s official website to purchase your own system and read customer testimonials or get it cheap at Amazon .

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May 28, 2008
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