10 Cutting Edge Medical Devices Recognized For Excellence In Design


4. Whiz Freedom Hygienic Urine Director by Jbol Ltd.

A device which allows women to urinate without removing their clothing directs the urination stream away from the body.  The Whiz Freedom is made from a hydrophobic, anti-microbial material that dries in a few shakes and enables reuse of the device without washing or rinsing. 

Whiz Freedom allows one to urinate standing, lying down or sitting.  There are attachments available to direct the urination stream even further from the body.  Other models of the Whiz are made for disabled persons.



5.  Provent Professional Sleep Apnea Therapy by Ventus Medical Inc.

Provent is a new treatment for sleep apnea that employs a microvalve that opens and closes, directing exhaled air through small holes to create resistance. The Provent tapes adhere to the nostrils with hypoallergenic adhesives.  They are one-use devices that don't require any maintainence. 

The current preferred method for treating sleep apnea is the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.  It comes with a motor and a mask and requires considerable maintenance.  It is somewhat noisy and may interfere with one's sex life.  You can see why.




6.  Lyric Hearing Aid by InSound Medical Inc.

Designed for persons with mild to moderate hearing losses, the Lyric Hearing Aid is the first totally invisible hearing aid that you can wear 24/7 whether you're taking a shower, on the telephone, or flying on an airplane.  You can even use ear buds with Lyric.   A Lyric device only lasts for about 120 days, however, and as the company requires a subscription payment, so after the Lyric wears out, you would just go back to your local dealer and get another Lyric fitting.