Sci-Fi Surgery On Exhibit: 7 Medical Robots That May Make You Reconsider Your Need For Medical Attention

5.  RP-7® Medical Robot

InTouch Technologies made RP-7 so that the surgeon doesn't even have to be in the operating room during surgery!   Just kidding.  But if you always thought your doctor was a bit remote...

Seriously, the RP-7 should have a big impact on helping doctors and other healthcare practitioners become more efficient. 




 6.  The Psychophonic Nurse Robot

This is one of the science fiction robot illustrations on display at the exhibit.  From the 1928 novel, The Psychophonic Nurse, this illustration was drawn by Frank R. Paul.  The novel was written by David H. Keller and is about a couple of parents who want to make sure that their daughter is raised "scientifically." 



"...let me show you how she works. She's made of a combination of springs, levers, acoustic instruments, and by means of tubes such as are used in the radio, she's very sensitive to sounds. She's connected to the house current by a long, flexible cord, which supplies her with the necessary energy. To simplify matters, I had the orders put into numbers instead of sentences. One means that the baby is to be fed; seven that she's to be changed..." (The Psychophonic Nurse)


7.  Bloodbot Medical Robot

Bloodbot is a prototype robot for taking blood samples, developed by Dr Alex Zivanovic and Professor Brian Davies at Imperial College London, 2001.




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sources:  The Royal College Of Surgeons of EnglandInTouch Technologies, ARES Project,, Imperial College, London


Sep 30, 2009
by Anonymous


Working on the design of one now that will manipulate part of a patients body during surgery. Girlfriend refers to it as "the torture device".

Oct 1, 2009
by Must Love Gadgets


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