Medicare Helps You Choose The Right Prescription Drug Plan


Does Medicare Part D Cause More Stress Than Paying Taxes?: image via piperreport.comDoes Medicare Part D Cause More Stress Than Paying Taxes?: image via I had given up trying to figure out the Medicare Part D plans for my father this year.  Since his medications are all generic and it looked like we'd be spending more on Part D insurance than the drugs themselves, I figured we should continue without it.  But then, I read that the Medicare website had an easy to use selection program that would help you choose the right plan by inputting just a bit of information.  Dubious, I charged ahead...

My source was right. actually does have an easy to use computer program that can help you pick the right Prescription Drug program that's truly personalized for you, without having to input your life's story!

The questionnaire starts here.  If you don't know how to use a computer, you might ask a relative or friend to help you with this.  It doesn't take very long, and it will keep you from possibly choosing the wrong plan for you. You can enter information about yourself or not, depending upon whether your intention is to sign up at the same time you explore this feature.  Otherwise, you can just enter your zip code to get started.

Then you will be asked some questions about your current Medicare coverage.  Then you enter the drugs that you are currently taking.  It will list brand and generic drugs and if they are available, the program will substitute the generic drug for you.  This helps the program figure out how much your drug cost will be for a year. 

Once you've entered the prescription drugs you are taking, you will receive a list of pharmacies in your area that offer plans you might like.  But, you can and should refine your search further by selecting more features that are important to you.  You may want to keep your insurance payments as low as possible, or you may be interested in a plan that doesn't raise its rates if your health status changes... or you prefer working with a certain company...  Once you cross these T's and dot those I's, it may be obvious, like it was for me and my father, which plan is right for him.

I'm glad I went through the short questionnaire. It turns out that it will be cheaper to select certain Medicare Prescription D plans than to purchase the medicine outright.  The information that comes from the insurance providers can be very confusing; I suggest you go to the Medicare website if you want clear, unbiased, and self-directed support.


Medicare via AmericasNewsOnline

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