Meenova Offers MicroSD Card Reader for Android Devices

Smartphones, with their increasingly high-quality displays, are tailored for media consumption. Their typical storage capacities speak otherwise, though. Even the 64GB on expensive models is consumed quickly by several HD movies or a lossless music library. As well, many phones don't have SD card slots, leaving people to depend on cloud storage or a clumsy USB-cable-to-flash-drive setup.



Well, if those people are lucky enough to own devices on Meenova's compatibility list, a much more elegant solution can be attained. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company is shipping these tiny (US quarter-sized) microSD card readers. They plug directly into the USB port (also known as the charging port) of a supported smartphone, and cost just $15 (including shipping) apiece.


Hooked to a Samsung GalaxyHooked to a Samsung Galaxy


The readers support microSD, SDHC and SDXC cards with capacities of up to 64GB. Meenova hints support for bigger cards when they come out one day. In the meantime, a 64GB card will cost you $50, with 32GB cards at half that, to give you a sense of the total cost. Oh, and note that Meenova includes an adaptor to plug the reader into PCs – I guess if you own a desktop that lacks a built-in card reader.



Anyway, you can order one of Meenova's Android card readers right here, in either black, grey, white or orange.

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