Meet Dart, The World's Smallest (And Prettiest) Laptop Charger

Laptop chargers seem to not be following the tendency of their computers, which are becoming thinner, lighter and generally smaller. For years now we have been carrying around those "huge" bricks, that are not only heavy but also take up a considerable amount of space on our backpacks or cases.

In order to fix this issue, a company from Menlo Park (California) has developed an innovative laptop charger: let's meet Dart.

Developed by FINsix, a company founded by students from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dart is believed to be the world’s smallest laptop computer charger. It is an ultra-compact device that uses a modified frequency - just like FINsix CEO Vanessa Green explains, "power converters work a bit like a bucket on a rope carrying water back and forth from a source so, if you can make the bucket really small you can make the bucket go faster".

Dart has exactly the same charging capabilities as its "larger" counterparts, and comes with a USB port to power up another device while the computer is plugged in. According to Michelle Smith, from Mach Machines, "this new laptop charger will surely perform a small revolution in the way we move our laptops, as Dart is really light and portable, unlike any other charger before".

If you want to get a Dart for your PC, know that it costs $89 for Kickstarter donors, in the campaign that is live until May 14, with several power outlets types being available. Mac users, however, will be faced with an additional $79 fee, due to the fact that Mac-compatible Darts require a store-bought Apple adapter. Pre-ordered Darts are expected to ship in November.

If all goes according to plan, in a near future we will have Dart available in our local electronics stores and airport kiosks, unfortunately with retail prices slightly higher than the ones on Kickstarter. The company will, however, try to reduce costs in the meantime.