Disgustingly Brilliant! 5 Epic Meal Time Crazy Food Inventions

Crazy, huge, insane, unhealthy, oh, and did I say huge? This pretty much sums up one of the hottest food invention concepts to hit the internet, and especially YouTube, in recent times. The Epic Meal Time gang consists of a bunch of guys who have pushed the size and sanity boundaries when it comes to classic recipes, from fast food lasagna to giant burritos. Must see videos lie within...

The Fast Food Lasagna

While the title does not do justice to the complexity of this hairbrained invention, the shocked voices of McDonalds staff as they are asked for 15 Big Macs and a liter of Big Mac sauce just might. Oh yes, a simple but, some might say, brilliant recipe: 15 Big Macs, 15 Baconators, 15 Teen Burgers, Big Mac sauce, Jack Daniels meat sauce, bacon and cheese. The cherry on top? Onions rings of course! Never has a video given rise to such conflicting emotions.

The Inside Out Breakfast Burrito

Bacon is the cure! As if any us ever doubted that. Well one thing is for sure, any prospective doubters are not occupying the thoughts of Harley Morenstein as he uses the Inside Out Breakfast Burrito to showcase the versatility of one of America's favorite cuts of meat. For anyone insane enough to think about actually constructing this you can click here. Put simply, the Inside Out Breakfast Burrito consists of lots of little burritos surrounded by cheese, bacon, eggs, and other forms of meat. This is baked in the oven (a burrito loaf if you will) and then put inside a giant tortilla with the usual burrito accompaniments. 

The Steak and Egger Sandwich

'We are making Arnold Schwarzenegger's steak and egger sandwich, and we're cooking it on his tank. What more do you want?" Well this is a simple one. There is nothing else someone could want. That's right, so renowned are the Epic Meal Time crew's antics, they were able to rope in Hollywood muscle man and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Take a bunch of austrich eggs, a lod of bacon and steak, cook it all up on a hot tank and stick it in a sandiwch. Done. 

Grown Man Calzone

I had to include something pizza-related right? While this is not exactly their most epicly sized meal, it does have the usual Epic Meal Time trademarks - lots of meat, and lots of everything else. Aided by a guy whose skills (apart from being able to grow a killer beard) appear to stretch to fresh dough making, Harley Morenstein constructs a Friday night treat like no other. 

The Nutella Pyramid

Of course we have saved desert for last, although if you thought you were escaping the Epic Meal Time crew's favorite ingredient, think again. Although I'm sure you can think of no conceivable way in which bacon can be incorporated into a Nutella desert, and neither could I, these boys have. By mixing it with cinamon no less. In response to the countless questions surrounding the construction of the ancient pyramids, the Epic Meal Time guys have responded as only they can: 'Who cares. Just build your own pyramid of Rice Krispies and Nutella'. 

So what crazy and epic creations would you make? Why not film them? I certainly have some ideas, although I am scared to think about them due to fear of inducing a heart attack.

Source: Epic