Meet Jym Is The Fitness App That Will Keep You On Track With Your New Year's Resolutions

The opening of a new year is a time of resolutions, and fitness resolutions are usually top of the list for a lot of people. However, sticking to a fitness routine is often hard and even harder still is paying for a personal trainer. With the Meet Jym App, finding a trainer is easy and more affordable, which makes sticking to your resolutions much easier.

Meet Jym AppMeet Jym App

Meet Jym Basics

As a Personal Trainer, I know that each client has different needs, so for those of you who just want the facts and don't need to know exactly why this idea is so great, here you go.

Meet Jym is a free app with no sign-up fee. It allows you to find personal trainers, hire them, chat with them and not have to spend a ton of money or go through a gym to get a contract. You can view trainers via their profile, see their rankings and know their price upfront, and you'll have a much broader base of trainers to choose from.

If you're a trainer, there is no contract and no fee with Meet Jym. This means there are no conflicts with working at a gym (where you're generally contracted) and also working through Meet Jym. You set your own price, can have unlimited clients and will have a place to store all of your clients' data. 

Meet Jym At The GymMeet Jym At The Gym

Challenges Of Personal Training

If you've ever worked with a Personal Trainer, been a Personal Trainer or considered either of these, you know that there are challenges on both ends (for the trainer and clients). First, I think its worth mentioning that choosing to see a Personal Trainer is a great step to take for anyone looking to get in shape, revamp their workouts or just live better. Personal Trainers provide motivation and expertise, and the good ones generally care about their clients and become personally invested in their clients' progress. 

Personal Trainers, while they're a great asset, can be expensive, so you want to choose the right one (it's an investment, afterall). However, choosing the right trainer can be a challenge. There are a limited number of trainers in any area at any time, and if you go to a gym to get set up with a trainer, you don't get to review the options and pick; the director of training at that gym will pick a trainer for you.

There is also the problem of communication on both ends. Technology has made it easier for trainers and clients to correspond, but keeping track of workouts and progress is usually done using spreadsheets, seperately, and there's really no app that allows trainers to keep track of all of their clients, the clients' workouts and clients' progress. 

For trainers, it is also hard to build a client base. It is also hard to gain experience, in a market that requires experience just to start. Furthermore, selling yourself is one of the most difficult tasks for trainers. We have our education in exercise, nutrition, anatomy and similar fields, not sales. 

These challenges influenced the Meet Jym team to create an app that would address these problems and more.

Meet Jym CreatorsMeet Jym Creators

Benefits For Clients

As I mentioned earlier, it is hard to stick to your New Year's resolutions, especially when those resolutions include a fitness goal (fitness goals in general are difficult to follow through with). Recommended strategies in sticking to your goals include implementing psychological tricks, like restoring your self-control, asking for help and and utilizing technology, especially new apps like Meet Jym. These are all things that Personal Trainers can help you do.

With Meet Jym, you get a database of trainers to choose from. You get to see their profiles, specialties, rankings, price and what others say about them. And when you choose your trainer, all of your data (your workouts, progress, meals, etc) is available in one place. 

You can also take progress pics with the app and share them with your trainer. You can monitor your weight and log your meals (including your macros). And perhaps the coolest thing about this app is that you can use it to connect directly with potential trainers (chat before you hire them) and chat with your trainer while you workout. You get all of these benefits, and usually for less than you would spend on one-on-one sessions.

Connect With Personal TrainersConnect With Personal Trainers

Benefits For Trainers

Perhaps the biggest benefit for trainers is the access to clients. It is hard to build a client base and to gain experience as a beginner. Meet Jym helps solve these problems. Not only can you get access to more clients, you can import your existing clients into the app for free. 

Here is a big advantage of Meet Jym. Using the app is free, and for trainers there is no contract. There is another app on the market similar to Meet Jym, called Fitmo, and while this app is great, it charges a subscription rate (not to say this fee isn't worth the benefits, it's just that Meet Jym is free and that is an obvious advantage).

Using the app, trainers can create and save workouts and use them for multiple clients. They get weekly, daily or live updates. They can basically manage all aspects of training through one app.

And there is no need for PAR-Qs or health waivers, because Meet Jym does all of that for you. As a trainer, you also get the clients complete workout and nutrition history (or what they choose to tell the app). This allows you to concentrate on just the training and meal plans, which is such a breath of fresh air. 

As a Personal Trainer, I like that technology is helping to get people in shape and living healthy lives. Living healthy makes you happier (I could name so many studies that point to this fact), and Meet Jym is a great tool to help you accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals. 

Just for the New Year, here is a bonus video I happen to like for you guys. Tips to getting back in shape (I particularly like the "buying a new wardrobe" one...anything that makes your goals an investment helps).