Meet The New 2015 MG GT... It's Not Your Father's MGB But Dear Old Dad Would Approve

Not only is the MG auto brand alive, it's doing very well thank you! Owned (since 2007) by Chinese automaker SAIC, MG now offers a full range of cars to the Chinese market and assembles others from knocked-down kits at its venerable British production plant.

The newest of these, proudly wearing the iconic octagonal MG badge and the legend “Morris Garages”, is the impressive MG GT sedan.

One wonders what the Brits think of the reborn MG brand... none of the firm's offerings can be described as a market leader in its old stomping grounds.

With that said, it bears mentioning that although all MG vehicles are made at SAIC's huge factory in Lanjing, China, a significant proportion of the factory's machinery was salvaged from MG Rover's facility in the UK.

As well, the plant at Longbridge (near Birmingham) now acts as the company's design hub: over 300 design staff are employed at the SMTC UK Technical Centre's engineering area and styling studio while just 40 work to assemble the CKD kits as they arrive from China in bulk shipping containers.

This brings us to the newest MG, the MG GT. A sleek, four-door sedan sharing the same platform as the proven MG5 hatchback, the MG GT rides on a 2650mm (104.35”) wheelbase.

Initially, the MG GT will be powered by a new (though originally sourced from GM-sourced) 1.4 turbocharged four with 156hp working through a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Later on in 2015, buyers can opt for either a more economical, 109hp 1.5 or a sportier, 129hp 1.5 turbo engine – all gasoline-powered, by the way. Debut day for the MG GT is November 1st, 2014 in China while British buyers will have to wait until early in 2015. (via CarNewsChina and Express & Star)