Meet The Windows That Block Sunlight By Themselves

Having big windows is great for sightseeing and letting natural light flow indoors but, if the sunlight is shining in a direct path to those windows, people on the inside have two options: either keep being hit by the Sun or pulling the blinds down.

Usually the second option wins, but blinds are not exactly the most beautiful ornaments and, for example, they block the view in storefronts. So, blinds do their job pretty well, but are far from being the best solution for everyone's needs.

View, a startup based on Silicon Valley, has developed a special glass  which is set to change windows around the world. This glass automatically dims with the intensity of the Sun, thanks to nanotech layers within it which are 1/50 the width of a human hair. According to the Sun's intensity, an electric current passing through the glass is regulated. This causes for ions in the glass to shift positions, therefore blocking the amount of light that passes through it.

This glass will not only be useful to block the sunlight without having those "ugly" blinds pushed down, it will also help building owners to save in the energy bill as, with this glass, the amount of light that goes inside the buildings can be controlled, diminishing the need for air conditioning. Even though it adds 2 to 3 percent to the buildings' construction costs, according to the developers, air conditioning bills can be lowered by 20%.

For the time being, regular people like us will still be using regular blinds, so why not drop the same old ones and innovate? Like maybe a shade of purple, or any other color you prefer.

The glass developed by View is set to reach the construction market soon enough.