Meet The GymyGym, The World's First Ergonomic Exercise Chair

In today's busy and office-centric culture, it's common to find men and women hunched over paperwork or typing away at a keyboard eight hours a day (or more!)

And that's not necessarily good for our bodies. Such schedules make us fall prone to serious health problems like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylosthesis, and Generalized Disk Disease. Only the first one sounds familiar to me, but I'm sure all of them are equally as bad for our health like the other. So to address these issues, some folks came up with the GymyGym, the world's first ever ergonomic chair that was specially designed to reduce the risks and negative effects of having to sit on a chair all day long.


The GymyGym features a patented flat bungee seating system that provides the needed support for the body of the person seated as well as improve circulation, relieve unwanted pressure, and promote proper alignment of the spine. A sound body makes for a sound mind, and that's exactly what the GymyGym is gearing up for.

The GymyGym comes in black, orange, or red, and you can get one for yourself for $599 (with free shipping!) from GymyGym LLC.