Meet Hatch-chan, Japan's First Blogging Cat

Diary of a mad house cat? Hatch-chan, a six-year-old former stray cat, isn't so much mad as he is spoiled... with attention. And yes, he has a diary - an immensely popular blog (in Japanese, yet) that gets 50,000 hits a day. Dog-gone it, I feel inadequate!

Hatch-chan didn't climb to the top of the Net on his own, of course. If it wasn't for his photographer owners he'd likely still be roaming around a park in Kobe, Japan, begging for his next meal.

But no - thanks to the promotional efforts, photographic skills and social networking savvy of Natsumi Fujiwara and her hubby, the two-toned tabby is the toast of the town.

Nowadays Hatch-chan calls Osaka his home, and he has a nice-sized (for Japan) apartment to pussyfoot around in all day, looking out the window and doing the usual things house cats do.

Except of course, Fujiwara is around to document Hatch-chan's every move for each day's blog posting. Also for his calendar, fridge magnets, DVD and much, much more. It's like The Truman Show... with a kitty instead of a Carrey.

When Hatch-chan isn't busy chasing a ball of yarn or fawning for the camera (or both), he's on tour with Fujiiwara at a department store, television show taping or a "meet the fans" event.

I watched one such purr-sonal appearance yesterday on the Japanese TV show "Pets Pochi Tama", and it was a sight to see... the nonchalant Hatch-chan yawned, stretched and licked his, er, fur in front of an admiring crowd of fans brandishing cellphone cameras and full wallets. The latter were soon depleted by the relentless Hatch-chan merchandising machine.


It's the big time for sure, for this former stray. The only downside? He can only impress the female felines with his catnip-filled bank account - Hatch-chan was neutered in his early days as a stray and bears the characteristic triangular nip on his ear that signifies his cat-stration. Hmm, suddenly I don't feel quite so inadequate. (via

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Steve Levenstein

Apr 8, 2008
by Anonymous


No cat looks like that in real life. Who would really believe a cat looks like that? If every photo is touched up, well, a lot of work but no appeal here.

Apr 8, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

Believe it

Looks like <i>what?</i> I saw him on TV and he looks like his pics. Hey, he's one photogenic feline! And, there's no denying his appeal - 50,000 hits a day speak volumes.

Apr 8, 2008
by Anonymous


sounds like anony #1 is a touch, er click, JEALOUS! hahaha!


Apr 8, 2008
by Anonymous

i looked at a few posts and

i looked at a few posts and i think the popularity can more be attributed to the author's ability to turn the pet cat's life into a comic book. it's more than japanese love cats or how blogs are on the rise in japan. it's the writing on the photos, some funny stuff there.

Apr 8, 2008
by Anonymous

I think the pussy would make

I think the pussy would make a purrrrrfect burrrrrito. Eating all the stray cats and dogs would be a purrrrrfect solution to the world hunger problems.

Apr 10, 2008
by Anonymous

Meet Hatch-chan, Japan's First Blogging Cat

I like cats, they taste like chicken

Apr 11, 2008
by Anonymous

nice and lucky cat

that is one neat looking cat, espicially the markings around the eyes, almost like a mask
wow, Glad this cat hit the jackpot and got adopted.