Meet Illumivors: The Ghastly Glowing Predatory Fish Robots You’ve Always Wanted!

They’re growling, chomping, shining, fishy robots that glide across your floors for chills, fun and to scare the wits out of your poor cat: Check out the Illumivors!

Illumivors, by Skyrocket Toys, are a series of remote controlled robot characters that look and sound fantastic when the lights go out. Right now, the Illumivor family consists of the huge, blue Mecha-Shark, the compact Electro-Piranha, and their simpler cousins, Hydro Jaw (the other shark) and Shock Angler (the deep-sea angler fish). As someone who grew up as a fan of predatory animals, R/C toys and cool looking robots, the 8 year old me would absolutely approve of these flashing fishes!


Sure, some might complain that Illumivors don’t look as cool when the lights are on, but you know what else works like that? Christmas lights, and everyone loves Christmas lights, so stop overthinking things, people. I’m definitely attracted towards the 8-inch long Electro-Piranha and its “ugly” pal, Shock Angler due to their oddball and intimidating designs. My only caveat would be to stock up on batteries, as the larger your fish is, the more batteries you’ll need for both the robot/carnivore hybrid, but for its R/C controls too.


Between their light up body armor, dynamic flashing/munching jaws, and speedy cruising speed, I can definitely see the Illumivors hunting the hardwood and tiled floors of America’s households this Christmas. Oh, and note that while you can get the entire Illumivor crew at Amazon too! I think I need to introduce my cat to Shock Angler the next time she misses the litter box…

Shock AnglerShock Angler

Source: Illumivors

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