Meet The Laserist: He Makes Cool Toys With Lasers!

Check out the laser-cut art, puzzles, toys and other goodies made by the Laserist: An inventor, industrial designer and someone who’s all-around handy with a powerful laser beam!


Based in Sacramento, California, Laserist is an online marketplace devoted to sharing and selling an array of intricate models made from laser cut baltic birch plywood. Whether you’d rather decorate your shelves with brilliant models of mammoth skeletons, F-15 airplanes and replica Uzi machine guns, or practical wooden tools, such as Laserist’s laser-engraved cutting boards and tablet/smartphone stands, there really is something for everyone here. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m definitely in the “likes to build really cool stuff” category.


According to the model descriptions, these puzzles can take anywhere from “a few minutes” to three or four hours to assemble (with a pinch of model glue!), which makes the wooden sets a much more rewarding project than any preassembled laser-cut toy in my book. I could definitely see a gift from the Laserist turning into a great way to unwind on a Saturday afternoon, especially if you’ve know a special someone who’s into building “Man Cave” sorts of things, like Hummers, six-shooting revolvers, race cars and submarines!


In addition to all of the cool stuff that Laserist has on display, you can always request a custom order to really put the team to the test to make your wildest wooden dreams a laser-etched reality. I wouldn’t mind taking a few hours to assemble a baryonyx dinosaur skeleton, scale model lobster or a detailed Jawa Sandcrawler, but I’ll let you get the first crack at pushing Laserist to the limit! Have fun, model masters!


Source: Laserist