Meet Massbricks: My First Construction Toy

They’re huge, colorful, strong, your kids can’t choke on them, and they won’t hurt if you step on them a fraction as much as their smaller and more popular cousin, making Massbricks a great introduction to the wild world of construction toys!

There is a world of appeal for little brothers and sisters who want to get the enjoyment that their bigger siblings and friends do with Legos and Mega Bloks, but their uncoordinated fingers and the potential swallowing hazard makes Massbricks an excellent alternative for tykes and parents alike. Since Massbricks are so big, with a little guardian and kid teamwork, you can quickly and easily build a rainbow of sizable freestanding playhouses, giant robots, vibrant dinosaurs, blocky castles, tea party furniture and whatever else you can build with basic pieces on a giant scale.

The ideas that I appreciate most about Massbricks include the fact that the bricks are chunky enough to be safe, but they’re designed to be easily held and manipulated by smaller hands, and that each set contains a sizable collection of bricks. Seriously, the smallest set is 31 individual Massbricks and they go up to 121 pieces! That should be more than enough to build a life-sized Technicolor velociraptor!

While I’m a fan of the classic multicolored sets, Platports also has a series of stark white Massbricks for especially creative kids to adorn with stickers, markers and whatever else helps them feel more confident that their blocky dragon is indeed a dragon. The biggest selling point for parents? Massbricks are so chubby, that tossing them back into the toy bin each night will be a snap! I’ve never seen these sets in stores, so your best bet should be to head on over to Amazon. Have fun, little ones!

Source: Massbricks

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