Meet 'Mega Big Boy', Japan's Mammoth New Prophylactic

Are you an animal in the bedroom? Okamoto, one of Japan's leading male contraceptive manufacturers, has got something for that. Three different "somethings", actually, depending on... how to put this delicately... what kind of animal you most resemble, and not facially. Are we on the same page? Good, let's move forward. Okamoto's "Size Series" expands the range of the company's larger diameter condoms while also making allowances for those of average endowment who want to share the limelight.

The original XL brand, Super Big Boy, was highlighted in a previous post entitled The Top 10 Weirdest and Funniest Japanese Condoms. The phrase "Super Big Boy" would seem to be more than enough of a description as to the main characteristic but, being designed for a Japanese speaking market, it was deemed necessary for a suitable graphic image to grace the outer packaging: a horse. Keep that concept in mind as we continue.

Okamoto has now added complementary brands alongside the 37mm (about 1.5 inch) wide Super Big Boy. A smaller 31mm (about 1.2 inch) wide condom called Smart Boy (symbolized by an eagle) and a larger one called Mega Big Boy.

At 46mm (1.81 inch) in diameter, Mega Big Boy is one of the world's biggest, fattest sheaths... and guess what animal was chosen to be the face of the brand. Hey, when you're pushing something jumbo, why not get Jumbo to push it?

Okamoto has priced Mega Big Boy at 2,100 yen (about $25) for a 12-pack, not exactly peanuts but when your junk's like a trunk, the yen ye shall plunk. One might wonder what's behind Okamoto's thrust into the uppermost range of prophylactic protection... are these elephantine contraceptives designed merely to impress the herd?

Maybe not - according to Japan Sugoi, Mega Big Boy "answers the growing demand for bigger condoms due to the improvement in male physique." Seems demand isn't the only thing growing in Japan. How long before we see Ultra Big Boy, featuring the face of a sperm whale?