Meet Momiji Dolls: The Toy With A Little Love Inside

The Momiji family of modern doll figurines continues to grow with darling new designs on a regular basis, and for good reason: Reading the sweet note tucked inside from whomever gave you the Momiji is half of the fun!
Momiji has been spreading love around the world since 2005, and fans have been eagerly collecting and gifting theses little sweeties ever since. For me, the two coolest things about the resin Momiji figurines are the fact that there really is a doll for everyone you know and care about, as well as the thoughtful innovation of including a tiny note and a slot on the Momiji’s underside to store a heartfelt mirco-letter. How great would it be if more modern toys gave people a chance to add a personal touch before giving it to someone special?
CookieCookieSince each Momiji has her own distinct happy-go-lucky character, choosing which one would be the best for your cherished recipient should be a piece of cake! Is she a lovable goofball? Give her a “Funny Girl!” Is the Momiji for a kitchen wizard? She needs to meet “Cookie!” Do you have a special beach bum in your life? “Marina” would be a perfect fit! With so much glowing character emanating from each Momiji, it shows that you put more thought into your gift than “Gee, would she like the pink, blue or yellow one more?”
QueenieQueenieBetween the personality-packed designs and your handwritten special touch, a Momiji toy is one of the most thoughtful art toys that I’ve ever encountered. Take your time picking your new friend from the crowd, (At Amazon or Momiji themselves), as there’s a whole bunch of the little gals to choose from!

Source: Momiji
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