Meet The Most Portable BBQ Ever

When you go on a camping trip, you surely want to roast some beef while you are there, but you obviously cannot take the barbecue tools you use at home - they are huge and would take a lot of space in your car, which is important for taking other things.

You can also improvise a barbecue system using tools you have in your destination, but that is also a lot of trouble. But what if you could take a barbecue inside your backpack, that takes almost no space at all?


Israeli designer Roee Magdassi created Stakes, a very practical and completely portable barbecue, which eases the task of transporting and cooking barbecue. Stakes is not that complex: three stakes are put on the ground, anchoring a triangular grill that can easily be removed and rolled in order to save space.

Magdassi thought of developing this product since, using his words, everyone can put a sausage in a stick and roast it, but things like steaks, burgers and chicken need the proper tools, like a barbecue. Stakes is designed to cook with open fire, perfect to pack up for your camping trips.

Unfortunately, the product is not yet widely available for the public. Magdassi produced a few prototypes and is at the moment contacting manufacturers in order to start producing Stakes for sale. However, it is a truly remarkable product, which will surely be useful for everyone, so we hope that it becomes quickly available for sale.

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