Meet Nosellots: The Nerdiest Monsters You’ll Ever Meet!

Brainy, fashionable, charming and sporting an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the Nosellots are as intelligent as they are cute. If you love textbooks, thick glasses and argyle, you’ll definitely want to adopt a Nosellot!

 Bernie CottonBernie Cotton

The Nosellots (Pronounced “Knows-a-lot”) are a band of intellectual creatures that live in the safety of Argyle City, where they all work, teach and study at the Nosellot University. Widely known as the smartest monsters in the universe, all Nosellots live in huts fashioned from recycled books, enjoy exotic snacks such as “blueberry coated onion strings” or “pumpkin flavored popcorn”, and share a passion for trendy fashion, while retaining their own distinct personas.

 Jedidiah McDoogleJedidiah McDoogle

Each of the five designer Nosellot plushes stands about 12" or 13” tall, and is available in both their normal and variant colorings, with a total of ten Nosellots to choose from. Although it’s pretty tough to choose, I think my favorites are classic sea foam green Bernie Cotton (Mostly due to his never-been-combed hair) and the original Jedidiah McDoogle’s classy take on the age-old “big hairy monster” design.

 Sayjo BeanSayjo Bean

The Nosellots look like a fantastic stuffed friend to give to kid, because they have so much personality, appear to be well-made plushies, promote good morals like eating well and studying hard, and due to the fact that they’re a fun bunch of “indie” toys. Besides, it’s never too early to hint at college, right?


With so much care placed into each character’s detailed design, craftsmanship and backstory, I couldn’t help but to be won over by the intellectual Nosellots. You can see the entire crew for yourself over at Amazon, so there’s no reason not to grab your favorite while they last!

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