Meet PepsiCo10: A Delicious Way To Get Digital Start-Ups Off The Ground

PepsiCo Inc. (PEP), the makers of the iconic American soda, has recently become the second-largest food and beverage corporation in the world. The New York-based company owns many popular consumable brands, including Mountain Dew, Doritos, Captain Crunch, and a host of others. A combination of PepsiCo’s quality food and drink items, aggressive marketing strategies, international expansion and an abundance of innovations made PepsiCo the industry giant that it is today. The Sultan of Soft Drinks hasn’t stopped striving to discover innovative start-ups across several areas to throw their support behind, leading to the creation of PepsiCo10.

PepsiCo10 is an incubator program with the goal of raising up inventive start-up brands to solve big-business problems. In late 2012 and through early 2013, PepsiCo10’s search for digital innovators will focus on Brazil’s digital advances regarding entertainment, mobile, sustainability and retail issues. Brazil is an important emerging market for PepsiCo, especially since Brazilian consumers currently buy more than half of all Pepsi products in all of Latin America.  As a matter of fact, the first five of the Brazilian PepsiCo10 have been chosen to work alongside Pepsi: Checkout10, Qranio, We Will Rock, Gatorade Kart and Leve Consciência.

In past years, some of the brilliant partnerships formed between PepsiCo and brilliant start-up visionaries located in North America and Europe include:

Tongal – An online portal that promotes talented freelancers to partner with big brands for artistic and clever advertising campaigns. PepsiCo worked alongside Tongal to discover gifted video makers that were dedicated to create and promote hilarious ads for Brisk iced tea.

Slingshot – This is an internet browser widget that allows users to add their favorite brands to a dynamic shopping list at any time. Doritos UK combined Slingshot’s app with its Facebook page with a “Buy This” tab, resulting in impressive sales results for the tasty orange triangles.

ParcelGenie – A smartphone app that makes buying and sending gifts to family and friends as easy as texting them. Send a little note, their name and a delivery address to ParcelGenie, and your grateful recipient quickly receives the hand-wrapped gift of your choice.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on PepsiCo10 to see what Brazil’s inventors dream up with as the next big business enhancing ideas, as well as future PepsiCo10 ventures. In the meantime, click here to see what PepsiCo10's got cooking- I’m off to get another delicious Mountain Dew Throwback from the fridge. Yummy!