Meet Quirky’s 5 Newest Inventors!

Crowd-supporting website Quirky regularly receives ideas from inventors for a chance to have their proto-inventions made into mass manufactured products. Let’s take a peek at the latest batch of innovators and their interesting ideas:


I’m on the fence about Alexis Rondeau’s and JD Stettin’s KLINK, as I absolutely love the idea of a simple device that sweetly tells your loved ones and co-workers that you’re concentrating without feeling like a jerk for doing so, I don’t like how the device is a magnet that attaches to your computer… Why can’t it be a desktop spinner that doesn’t potentially harm the fine electronics in my PC?

Eaz-E- Bake

Rob Vanacore’s flour-measuring device grabs precise amounts of baking materials from the bag for an easy transfer to your measuring cup. I’d need to see a little bit more before I stop using the little lines on the measuring mug, but Eaz-E-Bake has potential!


Ooh- Aaron Farlow’s ultra-simple ponytail holder is absolutely genius! While I was intimidated about the use of a zip-tie to hold hair, I was blown away by how effective, easy to put on/take off and customizable Zip-a-Dee-Do’s are. This could be a must-have hair tool for anyone who loathes those little rubber band hair things!

“Bake layers of cake in one pan”

Ingenious. Why waste your time baking separate cake pans for the same cake, when you can simply bake a multi-layered cake in the same pan? Although this idea simply exists as a single concept image, I think that “Loner’s” idea has a ton of potential. Make it happen, Quirky!

Quick Tight

Gale Paepke found that some of his jobs involving removing nuts and bolts were in tight spots, making it annoyingly difficult to quickly remove the fasteners.  His Quick Tight tool allows nuts to be wrenched on or off in tight spaces using simple, quick and small motions. Although the Quick Tight will be shoved into some very dark places, I have a feeling that this tool will have a bright future!

Which of these neat inventions would make your daily life a bit easier? Show your love for your favorites in the comments below!
Source: Quirky
Nov 18, 2013
by Anonymous

dude that flour measuring

dude that flour measuring whisk combo has serious potential!