Meet The Sweet Designer Chocolates That Won The 2013 Chocolate Lovers Contest!

Sure, these three tasty-looking conceptual chocolate bars would make for an artistic snack time, but unfortunately the winning trio will most likely stay confectionary fiction. But it doesn’t hurt to appreciate the imagination that went into designing them!

The goal of the 2013 Chocolate Lovers Contest (the three winners were picked in January!) was to get inventors and designers inspired to create a completely new chocolate bar experience. The judges received a whole host of wild, wacky and yummy chocolate bars, but here are their top three unique chocolates:

User “simisek12” presented “Sweet Hearts,” a design that appears to be a solid milk chocolate bar composed of many heart shapes that break off into miniature bites. It’s cute, clever and won the first prize of $5,000 to boot.

It’s 2013, and I’m pretty sure that we have the technology to make this one, but second place inventor Elina Presniakova’s “Geometric Flavor” would probably be a niche favorite for the average chocolate muncher. Not to sound like a candy snob, but they’d have to have the best tasting banana, mint and strawberry glazes to pull this special design off. While I’d trade mint for orange, this piece is certainly the most colorful of the bunch!

And in third place, we have my personal favorite: Elina Presniakova’s “J&CH”. I have a weakness for good jelly/gummy candy and if someone did manage to combine quality jelly fruit pieces with creamy milk chocolate like Elina’s brilliant design, I’m sure that my pantry would be filled with these things! (Seriously, someone needs to make these!)

Congratulations to all three winners, and here’s hoping that sooner or later that they’ll be recognized as the new Willie Wonkas of the candy industry. Which innovative chocolate bar is your dream snack?

Source: Chocolate Lovers Contest